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i bet leonardo dicaprio has a drawer full of oscar acceptance speeches he reads every night to his stuffed animals

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holy fucking shit. i hadn’t heard what spikes were until i saw the post so i googled it and literally could feel all my hope for humanity sinking. i’m about to cry. what the fuck is this shit? that’s barbaric! where the hell are they supposed to go? you do realize that the cheapest solution would be to invest in shelters and job help programs and stop homelessness, not just put fucking spikes up and say “out of sight, out of mind” no fuck you those are humans treat them as humans.

I’m actually really amazed that this isn’t a Human Rights violation.
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This is the most fucked up thing I ever seen. This is really rude and awful. This is worse than the time my ex girlfriend said she was pregnant and I didn’t understand. This is worse than when my dad went out to buy groceries and didn’t come home for 4 months. 

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